What makes the Campfire group unique?

Forward-looking, leading, passionate: meet the Campfire group. We are leading manufacturers of mobile camping equipment, who share great ambitions and high standards of quality. A select group of companies with a joint vision and mission: responding to today’s consumers’ desire for ultimate experience of freedom. Real camping! As the holding company that unites three dynamic firms, we fuel that fire. The Campfire group initiates, invests and innovates.

Wim van der Vorst - Major shareholder director
maarten de roos - managing director
pim boshuis - Manager operations & Finance


For our office in Utrecht we are immediately looking for a (fulltime) All-round Service Center employee m/f.

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What gets us excited?

We are always on the lookout for new developments

Our ambition is not modest. We want Europeans to rediscover real camping. Camping 2.0, so to speak, with all the benefits, and without the burdens, in a socially responsible way. This goal invites and encourages us to constantly stay in tune with new developments. At the Campfire group, we are continuously working to further professionalise our companies and continuously strengthen and vitalise our own brands. The Campfire group brings together valuable activities, stimulates promising developments and makes the most of promising markets. Full speed ahead! The Campfire group initiates.

We pursue our ambitions

The Campfire group firmly believes in its own strength and vision. We also believe in independence and the importance of a healthy and solid financial foundation. This is crucial to innovation, required to consolidate our market leadership in the Netherlands and essential to strengthen our product leadership in Europe. The Campfire group is setting the bar high and spreading its wings, by expanding the network of branches and experience centers and through organisational synergies. The Campfire group invests.

We never stop improving

We are convinced that everything can always be better, smarter and more efficient. That goes for all our products and services. We also know that renewal and improvement starts with you. With a willingness to think in terms of solutions and possibilities and trust on the power of collaboration and team spirit. This is how we arrive at surprising constructions, unique designs and superior quality products and services. Everything is aligned to provide the ultimate camping experience for the customer. The Campfire group innovates.


Innovative and complete

What do Holtkamper and Easy Caravanning have in common? As highly innovative companies, they both strive for serving consumers, looking for the real camping adventure, the best they can. It is therefore  no surprise that both brands are ‘members of the Campfire group’, together with our Tent Trailer Centers in Boxtel, Emmen and Utrecht.

Leading the way in folding trailer innovation

THE folding trailer for decades

How can adventure go hand in hand with luxury, comfort and convenience? Ask Holtkamper who have operated at the highest level of camping for ninety years. Holtkamper sets the tone with luxurious and high-quality tent trailers that offer exceptional ease of use. Innovative and trendsetting. Holtkamper has grown up by putting its own ingenious inventions into practice, testing, patenting and marketing. A company with a passion for camping! Holtkamper has been fulfilling the dreams of modern camping enthusiasts for almost a century. You own a folding trailer ... or you own a Holtkamper.


New camping

New camping

Chasing dreams of freedom with the TakeOff

‘Easy Caravanning’ was born after four enthusiastic spirits decided the time was ripe for ‘the next generation of caravanning.’ What should ‘new camping’ entail in practice? Being free as a bird. Going and staying wherever you want. These principles led to a much-discussed innovation in the camping world: the TakeOff. The design of this crossover combines the advantages of a traditional touring caravan with that of a folding trailer, whilst eliminating any disadvantages. The best of both worlds. The setup speed is amazing and unmatched: within 30 seconds, the TakeOff is ready for use.


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Varied offering and well-founded advice

Varied offering and well-founded advice

The ultimate sales and service location for folding trailers

The highest quality and largest choice in folding trailers and compact lightweight caravans, ready to be admired in spacious showrooms, with maintenance and repair support from state-of-the-art service centers. The Campfire group is proud of its Tent Trailer Centers. These are spread across the southern, central and northern Netherlands, so that camping consumers never need to travel far. Expert employees provide honest, well-founded advice, with extensive demonstrations. Whether you prefer a model from our own fleet (Holtkamper, Easy Caravanning) or one of the many other brands: the warranty conditions are always excellent. Camping starts at a Campfire group Tent Trailer Center.



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