Cookie policy

Privacy-sensitive data (i.e. personal data) is processed through the service. Campfire group considers the careful handling of personal data to be of great importance. Therefore, we process and protect personal data carefully. When processing personal data, we comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Campfire group is the data controller. In this privacy statement, we clarify which personal data we collect and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this document carefully.

Use of personal data
By using our website, you leave specific data behind with us. This may be personal data. We only store and use personal data which you have entered directly or which is clearly intended to be sent to us for processing at the time it is entered. This is the case, for example, when you complete the contact form. You are consequently sending personal data on your own initiative. The personal data you have provided is only available to a limited group of professionals within our organisation. Although you may also use our website as a corporate body, corporate data is not covered by the Personal Data Protection Act. Thus, this privacy statement is mainly intended for persons using the website as individuals or as employees.

We may contact in response to your request. We retain statistics on our website, but these are always anonymised.

Sharing with third parties
Under no circumstances shall your data be shared with third parties, except to the extent stipulated elsewhere in this privacy statement.

Amendments to this privacy statement
We reserve the right to make amendments to this statement. It is recommended that you should consult this disclaimer regularly, so that you shall be aware of these amendments.

Inspection and modification of your data
You may contact us at any time if there are any questions concerning our privacy policy or concerning inspection and modifications (or deletion) of your personal data.

Cookies are used for various purposes. Please refer to our cookie statement.

Other Information
Naturally, we are interested in data which gives us an indication of our website’s success for example: how many visitors we receive monthly, the countries from which our site is visited, which pages attract the most interest, etc. We register your IP address and domain name for this purpose. And we also retain data concerning the type of browser you use to access our site in order to adjust the facilities and functions to the user’s device. This information is Campfire group’s property. The information collected is used to improve our service provision and marketing activities. This information is also never leased out or sold to third parties under any circumstances.


This site uses functional and analytic cookies. These cookies are needed to operate the site to its full potential. In the form below you can manage your preferences.

What are functional cookies?
Technically necessary cookies (functional cookies) are necessary for the optimal functioning of our website. These cookies are used to adjust our website better with respect to website use and preferences. The ease of use is increased thereby.

What are analytical cookies?
Analytical cookies are used to gain insight into the use of our website. By so doing, we can improve our website’s quality and effectiveness. Thus, visitor statistics, for example, are collected and trends are analysed. These cookies are outside the statutory duty to provide information and the permission requirement because they provide information concerning the quality or effectiveness of the IT provider’s service.

Unforeseen cookies
Due to the way the internet and websites function, we may not always have an understanding of the cookies placed by third parties through our website. This occurs principally because our webpages contain so-called 'embedded elements' such as text, documents, images or videos which are stored with another party, but are displayed on, in or through our website. If you come across cookies which fall under this category on our website (and this is why we haven’t labelled them), please let us know or contact the respective third party directly and ask which cookies they have placed and why, what the cookie(s) lifespan is and how your privacy is guaranteed.

This list of cookies on is a snapshot. Campfire group strives to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. However, due to the dynamic nature of the internet and the numerous (external) parties involved, not all current cookies and/or websites may be found immediately in this list.